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Good day Greener Tidings Gardeners,

Hold on to your hat, here comes August!

With these crisp cold days in July, who knows what to expect from August! The air will start changing, the sun rises earlier and everyone seems to get excited that spring is around the corner. Just know that there is a lot of gardening happening this month.

August Checklist

- Summer seedlings have started arriving, that’s if you need to replace those old winter poppies or pansies
- Apply a generous amount of Compost and Bonemeal/Superphosphate to the planting area and remember to scatter Cutworm and Snail bait after planting
- Your garden beds can be well composted now
- Feed your garden with 6:1:5, this will encourage leaf growth for foliage plants and promote flowering in flowering shrubs and perennials
- Veggie and herb gardens can be watered with Mulitkelp for the organic gardeners, or simply scatter Vigorosa over the area


- Try and feed your edibles every 3-4 weeks and remember the more you use your herbs the more they flourish
- Stake all trees and standard roses, our August winds can be hectic and you don’t want to lose the last couple of year’s growth if the head breaks off
- If you keep dead heading your old winter seedlings, they may last as long as October
- Please remember to Mulch all you newly planted areas and even your pot plants, this is one of the best ways to ensure that water evaporation is kept to a minimum
- Invest in a JO-JO tank before the rainy season comes. You will be amazed at how quickly they fill up with even one small rainstorm. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours. We stock the Slimline range at the        garden centre and we harvest all our rainwater. The plants in the Garden centre absolutely love being watered with rain water.
- Peaches and Apricots will start to flower towards the end of the month, start feeding them with 6:1:5 FRUIT & FLOWER. Once the flowers start to drop, you will need to spray with Fruit fly insecticide.
- Remove all old and dead flowers from your aloe garden, you can water your aloes monthly if you like, but they are the most amazing water wise plants and can survive on rainwater alone.

August is Lavender month

‘As Rosemary is to the spirit, so Lavender is to the soul’ – Anonymous

Our Lavender Festival starts on the 19th of August 

We will be receiving most of the Lavender varieties and some new ones for the season.

10 Lavender Facts

- Lavenders can be added into the edible garden for colour and fragrance.
- Used with roses provide lovely contrasts and they give you that old style English country garden look
- Lavenders don’t often get used in cooking but can be added to cookies combined with pecan nuts (YUM YUM)
- The flowers can be used to decorate cakes and tables
- Place dried leaves and flowers in your clothing cupboards to ward off fish moths and cockroaches
- Add fresh lavender to your bath before bedtime, this will help induce sleep

- Lavender oils soothe aching muscles and joints and make a fantastic massage oil
- The flowers attract bees so planted in the orchard or nearby fruit trees will aid in pollination
- In the language of flowers, lavender can mean devotion, luck, success, or happiness (so why not plant one in your garden)
- Lavender has antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic and anti-depressant properties. It is used in treatment of headaches, insect bites, burns, acne, and insomnia.
So find a sunny spot in the garden for some new lavender or perhaps your old ones need some replacing


Mandela day

The Greener Tidings team along with FNB, BUCO Hardware, Tonoy Turner Agencies and Freshwell teamed up to do our 67 minutes for Mandela day.
We spent the morning at Itelereng Primary School near Dikgale planting a fruit tree orchard, installing gutters and JO JO tanks, and feeding the kids with Freshwell Cupcakes.
Fun was had by all and seeing the excitement on the children’s faces made it all worth while.

There is nothing more gratifying than garden therapy!

Well that’s all from our gardening team.

Happy August gardening!