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Happy New Year Greener Tidings Gardeners!

Here is wishing you all a wonderful, happy, colourful and WET 2017!
For those of you back at work, we hope you had a good rest and that you are geared up for a fantastic 2017!

Well as for the rest of us that were either working through the festive season or stayed at home, what a wonderful wet Christmas we had. The garden centre measured a total of 108mm compared to 37mm last year! So our gardens are happy and smiling and rewarding us with lots of green growth and colour.
There is plenty to do now in the garden, so if you still have a couple of days off, we advise you to get stuck in.


Check list............

- Most of your plants would have grown rather quickly with all the wonderful rains we received. Some may need some trimming.
Don’t be scared to cut them back rather severely, they will bounce back quickly and push loads of new branches and leaves

- Seedlings like petunias, vincas and begonias don’t like too much rain, so some might need replacing
- If you haven’t planted Vincas yet, you must give them a try. They are the most rewarding summer seedling you will have in the garden. They love sunny spots and come in a variety of colours from purple, pink and shades of lavender.

- Any flowering perennials like salvias may also need to be cut back, give them a good dose of Vigorosa to encourage new growth and healthy buds
- Some grasses might have grown a little old and scraggly, if you are thinking of planting more, try our very own Anthericum sandersonii ‘variegated’. This striking little plant will tolerate full sun to full shade and is a real show off. It is indigenous and sends out small little white flowers, it can be planted as a filler plant between your other perennials or in a mass planting where it will give you an amazing show.

- Lavenders will be now entering the end of their flowering season, except of course for the Margeret Roberts variety. Your other lavenders can be given a trim to around half way, give them a good dose of compost and Vigorosa. They do take a while to send out new bushy growth and by trimming them now, you are ensuring plenty of flowers for the Spring Season in August.
- If you have a shady corner/pot that needs some brightening up, plant Coleus. No other shade plant is so colourful. They can be grown in partial shade and are perfect for pots or planting in the garden. To keep them bushy, pinch out the growth tips every 2 months or so.

- January and February can still be hot so please remember to keep the garden, especially new beddings, mulched to reduce the soil temperature and reduce water evaporation.

Look out for.............

With all the rain, heat and humidity you will find there may be fungal infections in your garden. These infections will spread rather quickly during the rainy season so it is important to take action before it destroys your garden.
The first step is to remove the affected growth and destroy it and then to spray with the necessary Fungicide.

Powdery Mildew – plants affected are hydrangeas, begonias, roses and grapes – spray Funginex


Rust – plants affected are Chrysanthemum, Pelargoniums (Geraniums), Roses and Day lilies – Spray Orius or alternatively drench the plant in Virikop



That’s all from us for now,

Happy Gardening!