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Good day Greener Tidings Gardeners,

Finally, the cold has gone and our days are quickly warming up. Peeking out the early morning window and seeing the crisp, clear morning light and the rising sun, makes us all want to get up and get busy outdoors. Whether it’s to just play with the kids and dogs, have friends over for a braai or work in the garden, everyone get’s an extra spring in their step this time of year.

We have found the buzz to be growing in the garden centre, and not only here, but all over Polokwane. Everyone is positive, has inspiration and is geared to go! So much happens in the garden this time of year, it’s the time gardener’s plant with great conviction.


Check list........

  • Prune away all dead, weak and crossing stems from roses.
  • Prune back spring flowering shrubs immediately after they have finished blooming.
  • Hopefully we have had the last of the late winter cold spell, so any frosted plant material can now be safely cut back.


  • Keep an eye on the topiaries as the quick spring growth can affect their shape.
  • Water spring flowering shrubs like azaleas and gardenias to ensure a good show.
  • Deadhead your pansies and violas, so that they will continue to bloom through to November.
  • Stake Alstroemerias and other perennials that have a tendency to fall over.
  •  Allow Daffodils and Narcissus to die down naturally and go brown, thus forming next years flower bulb.
  •  Repot any pot plants that look as if they could be ‘root bound’, ie the roots are growing out of the drainage holes. Either remove a little of the top soil and replace with new potting soil, or completely repot if necessary. After doing this water the plant sparingly, so that the plants do not rot before they have started rooting. Never fill the pot plant up to the rim of the pot with soil, always leave space for watering.


  • Get some mulch into your beds, you can never over do it!
  • Plant up an indigenous garden! You will be amazed at how some varieties attract birds and butterflies.
  • Replant old herbs that need replacing
  • Feed your edibles and flowering plants with 6:1:5 or Vigorosa


Look out for......

- Citrus psylla – found most commonly on lemons – remove all ripe fruit and spray with Koinor

- Weed growth on lawns – depending on the type of weeds, one can either spray Lawn weeder or alternatively pull out manually

- White fly – very common on fuchsia and duranta this time of year, spay with a mix of Efekto Oleum and Mahkro Garden Care


- Aphids and pests on herbs – try Ludiwgs insect spray or alternatively spray with Oleum


Plant more waterwise....

Even though the experts say we are about to have a great rainy season, it is important to think of ‘tomorrow’.
Revamping existing dry beds by planting up with colourful vygies, aloes and succulents not only saves water but also saves time due to them having very little or no maintenance.
A waterwise garden is one of the most colourful and rewarding winter and spring gardens.

September is POT month! And NO, we do not sell per kg as many of you enquire every year!
Our sales is starting on the 16th of September and runs until the 25th of September .....or while stocks last.
This sale is one of our biggest sales of the year, so get there early to avoid disappointment.

Happy Spring gardening everyone!